Benefits of Yoga

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  • Published : December 21, 2010
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Yoga Research Paper

In our modern society, yoga seems like a new trend, but it actually began more than three thousand years ago in India. The word “yoga” is Sanskrit means to "yoke," or unite, the mind, body, and spirit. Although yoga includes physical exercise, it is also is a way of life for which exercise is just one element. The main components of yoga are based on training your mind, body, and breathing, as well as connecting with your spirituality. Within the last few centuries, innovations and urbanizations of our society have strongly influenced the way we live. We strongly strive for that comfortable way of life, consisting of a balanced diet and a steady income. The way we eat to the way we find relaxation is much different from those of ancient times. Our food expectations have become increasingly high, resulting in bad health including high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. To make our society a better one and lessen these problems, yoga is the perfect solution. Yoga is for everyone, including you. You can begin your practice at any age, in any physical condition or in any place where you can take a deep breath (Khalsa & Seibel 1). You should do yoga twice a week because it improves your weight control, expands your physical endurance, and enhances your sex life. Yoga improves your weight control. There have been many studies to determine whether yoga increases mindful eating and leads to less weight which stimulates weight loss. In one yoga study conducted by Alan Kristal and colleagues, they tested over fifteen thousand men and women in their mid-fifties. Out of those who had been normal weight at age forty-five, only one hundred of them had practiced yoga for four or more years at least thirty minutes weekly. These subjects average weight gain was about three pounds less than the subjects who don’t do yoga. Another group of thirty subjects that had been overweight at age forty-five actually lost an average of five pounds...
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