Benefits of Vocational Education

Topics: Vocational school, College, Higher education Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Vocational education is an education of skills that needed for many kinds of jobs for students in normal high schools. These days there are various jobs such as barber, cook, and make-up artists and so on that need specialized education just like vocational education. While some people argue that students should go to trade school, that is school where provides specialized education besides academic skills, I believe high schools should offer vocational education in schools for students because it's more profitable, it makes variation and it's defendable. Firstly, vocational education makes profitable results for high schools. By providing vocational education, students can learn both academic skills and vocational education. As a result, as they learn twice much, their choices for career will be increased. Therefore, students will be able to set their goals while they are studying in broader field and in this way there will be more students going to college and more students getting jobs immediately. Thus, fewer students will drop out schools. Secondly, vocational education makes variation in schools. It means that students' interests will be different each other. So the students can get along with friends who study in different fields. This difference among students can help students to learn more about something new to them. Students who study in trade school do not get this opportunity. However, students who are in normal high school and having vocational education are variable, so they are going to get more information each other. Lastly, vocational education is defendable. It defends students who are below the general academic level. Not all students like to learn academic skills, so students who don't like academic education might give up school curriculum if they are forced to learn only academic education. Then they will lose hope for their future. However, if school provides vocational education, students would find new interests through it. At...
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