Benefits of Vaccination

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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vaccinations are beneficialVaccines are liquid solutions containing dead or weakened forms of infectious microbes that are injected into the body to produce immunity from disease. Vaccinations typically work by inducing the immune system to generate antibodies that attack certain viruses or bacteria. Because the microorganisms contained in vaccines are weak or inactive, their presence can strengthen the body’s natural defences without causing illness. Vaccines also enable the immune system to react quickly and effectively when threatened by diseases in the future. In the 20Th century there were more than 500000 accounted cases of Measles In 2008 there were only 55 cases this is a drop of over 99.9% of cases seen worldwide due to vaccination programs, one of the world’s most deadly diseases has been nearly wiped out. In the 1960s, many people witnessed first-hand, the terrible effects of rubella, commonly known as the German measles. During an epidemic between 1964 and 1965, about 20,000 infants were born with deafness, blindness, heart disease, mental disabilities, and other birth defects because the rubella virus infected their pregnant mothers. Today, thanks to nearly universal use of an effective vaccine, the rubella virus poses virtually no threat to the children of expectant mothers. Another deadly disease that has been wiped out is Polio. In the year 1950 there were over 2500000 recorded cases of Polio. In the year 2012 there were only 235 recorded cases. One of The world’s most deadly disease form the 1950’s has nearly been eradicated due to Vaccines. The effects of Polio were shown by how they decimated the global population in the 1950’s. People who contracted this horrible disease sometimes became paralysed or they got frequent mild seizures. These reason stated above show why vaccinations are extremely helpful and have saved millions of lives over decades. This is why babies should be immunized at birth so they can’t contract any of these deadly...
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