Benefits of Student Exchange

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The Benefits of Student Exchange|
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1. Synopsis

A student exchange program is designed to encourage students to live in another country for generally a full school year. This report will cover the history of exchange programs, the benefits of undertaking study abroad in terms of the personal, cultural, educational, and employment benefits. It will also outline reasons why thousands of students around the world chose to leave their home country and study abroad. The key findings in this report show the substantial advantages that come from experiencing life in a foreign country by immersion in the culture and language. The conclusions drawn in this report have been based on various news articles, personal accounts and literature provided by a variety of exchange providers. The writer has also shared her personal experience and knowledge, having undertaken a year long exchange to France in 2008.

2. Table of Contents

3. Introduction
4. Findings
5.1 major institutions
5.2 reasons why students seek an exchange
5.3 why families agree to host students
5.4 case studies: students
5.5 case studies: host families

5. Conclusion
6. References

3. Introduction

After World War 2 and in the spirit of the United Nations founding principles, a number of institutions established exchange programs to build and promote relationships between nations. They wanted to increase tolerance and understanding of other cultures and promote the acquisition of language. These programs have provided wonderful opportunities for cross cultural understanding and broken down global barriers. However, with the accessibility of global travel today the appeal of a student exchange is decreasing as more and more people travel internationally, independently and at an earlier age.

4.1 Major Institutions

There are hundreds for profit and not-for-profit companies who offer specifically tailored exchange programs for students. The largest globally is Rotary Youth Exchange, which started over 75 years ago and sends more then 8,000 Australian students to 80 different countries every year as well as finding host families in Australia for over 9,000 international students.

For Australian students wishing to travel overseas, other companies who offer exchange programs include: * Student Exchange Australia
* World Education Program Australia
* Student Travel Schools
* Youth For Understanding, Australia

“Our mission is to offer the unique experience of living and studying in another culture and to enable young people to develop the skills and awareness that will enhance their future potential. Experience is everything” Student Exchange Australia mission statement. (Why Choose Us, n.d, para. 2)

(Image sourced from Australian Rotary Youth Exchange official website, district 9830:

4.2 Reasons why students seek an exchange

The primary reason why students undertake an exchange program is to experience a different way of life. Education is the core focus for the vast majority of programs. When studying abroad you: can study subjects not offered in your home country, increase your general knowledge and ideally gain a heightened interest in global issues. The ACARA draft paper” states Learning languages:

* Extends the ability to communicate and extends literacy repertoires * Strengthens the nature and understanding of language, culture, and of the process of communication * develops intercultural capability; develops understanding of, and respect for, diversity and difference, and an openness to different perspectives and experiences * Develops understanding of how values and culture shape world view and extends the learner’s understanding of themselves, their own heritage, values, culture, and identity. (Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Agency,...
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