Benefits of Social Work

Topics: Child abuse, Social work, Sociology Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: July 26, 2010
This specific area is my preference because there are large amounts of children falling victims to physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and even neglect, which are in need of adult guidance. Most of these children suffer greater emotional than physical damage. These children may also become depressed or think of suicide. An older child may use drugs, runaway, or even abuse others themselves. While there are many types of social workers: social workers that provide support to children in foster care, some that counsel children with school problems, some that assist elderly people, parents dealing with financial stress, and people that recently been released from prison. Social workers provide support and counseling to individuals and families who are undergoing some type of social difficulty or crisis. Such situations might include unemployment, poverty, substance abuse or legal trouble. They develop treatment plans with their clients, encouraging them to create and pursue goals for improving their lives. Social workers get employed by government welfare and social service agencies, schools, in hospitals, and rehabilitation centers. Many work within the juvenile court system, which may require them to deal with youth in certain situations, such as those who have been caught with illegal drugs. The main tasks of professional social workers can include a variety of services such as case management, counseling, human services management, social welfare policy analysis, policy and practice development, community organizing, international, social and community development, advocacy, teaching, and social science research. Social work has its roots in the struggle of society to improve poverty and the resultant problems. Therefore, social work is intricately linked with the idea of charity work; but Social 2

must be understood in broader terms. The concept of charity goes...
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