Benefits of Soccer

Topics: Physical exercise, Muscle, Exercise Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: October 10, 2012
The Benefits of Soccer
Soccer is the king of all sports also a positive way to pass the time. It helps release stress from school, work and worries in general. It can also keep children away from negative influences such as drugs, alcohol, and violence. Basically, soccer helps children grow within a healthy lifestyle. Anyone who can kick a ball can play soccer. It is a blast for beginners and experts alike. Beginners love soccer because it is quick to pick up and play. Soccer can also be complex. Therefore, the game can get very competitive, in which would require to harness many skills, learn strategies, and develop incredible fitness. Soccer is a pleasurable team sport that can be very effective for improving fitness, health, and social abilities. First of all, soccer can improve physical fitness helping players stay in shape. To become successful in soccer, a good work ethic is needed. Even experts can always improve, and with each improvement, players enjoy playing more and more. To improve in fitness, it is important to maintain a daily schedule of pure physical training. Having an organized schedule can be helpful to notice results of daily training. Never be afraid to push the limit; the sky is the limit in this sport as long as hard work and dedication is implied in training. Always try and push the limit 20% more than usual to actually notice any kind of improvement. Pushing the limit helps become a better athlete. Soccer is very helpful in building a persistence habit, having breaks in between practice helps maintain that habit, but also training slowly to make long periods of practice much easier. Increase endurance by constantly running around the soccer field 10 to 12 times. Go to the gym after practice and have a good work-out for your muscles to improve strength that is much need on the field for physical connect with over players on the opposite team. Within the team find a partner to use as motivation during a hardcore work-out....
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