Benefits of Returning to School

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LaTonya Jordan|

The many benefits to returning to school and some of the obstacles I had and have to overcome to see my dream come alive. What I want to see happen and by faith it’s going to happen.|

I have many reasons for returning to school. I had the chance to get a job in television station, and have never done television before and wanted to at least have a general idea of what would be expected to do this job. First thing that came to my mind about going back to school I didn’t know if I would be able to do the work. I had been out of school so long would I remember the simple things, was scared and didn’t know if or how I would be able to maintain, but with the grace of God I’m doing it. The first couple classes to me was like a refresher, because I had been out of school for so long once I saw the work it all came flooding back. Plus, I wanted to start my own business and what better way to have a successful business than to know everything there is to know before you jump in to deep. I would have to say the benefits of my degree would be seeing single parents like me with goals and dreams and no one to help them fulfill them. With no one to even watch their children, while they try to attempt to start the process. Seeing single parents smile when they have the help that is needed to gain a better life is enough for me. If I just gave up and let the Devil win I wouldn’t be able to help those in need. Everything from computer problem to no lights, and I still made a way. I live by faith and there is nothing better that knowing that the Lord Jesus Christ got my back through it all, and willing to make a way for me to see my dream come alive. Helping other people is what I want to do in life. Single parents will be my main focus, helping them find the benefits they will need to assure their families are stable.

I have always been kindhearted, and wanted to...
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