Benefits of Regular Exercises

Topics: Diabetes mellitus, Obesity, Stroke Pages: 2 (384 words) Published: May 23, 2013
What are the benefits of regular exercise?

The benefits of regular exercise are a controversial topic. While some exercise for superficial reasons, the reality is regular exercise is vital. Some of the benefits are: a healthy heart, lower risk of brain stroke, and reduce the obesity rate in our country.

Daily exercise decreases the risk of having a premature heart attack. For instance, one who exercises routinely often lowers his or her heart rate.  In addition, the blood pressure and cholesterol, common associate with metabolic syndrome, is decreased which represents one of the majors risks for develop a heart attack.

Many studies around the world agree that when patients exercise regularly, it reduces the risk of brain stroke.  Exercise makes blood flow faster through the brain, bringing essential nutrients, and removing the harmful toxic normally produced by the metabolism in regular cell functions. Its means that exercise routine can lower the risk of ischemia (low oxygenated blood flow) also decrease and the developing of some age diseases like Alzheimer and dementia, by improving the normal brain function. And for that patient that’s already experiment strokes, exercises offers beneficial effects for recovery lost function, and decrease the change for future strokes.

Lastly, exercise is essential to reducing obesity rate in our country. According to vary researches , more than the third part of adult American are obese, and at least, fifty percent of them have already diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type 2, or in risk to have it. For those one’s already diagnosed, regular exercise increase they survival over a thirty percent compared with those people that do not to exercise at all. In addition, reduce the appearance of the major’s complications of the diabetes (nephropathy, arteriopathy, retinopathy, and neuropathy.) Also made their treatment easier, by reducing the insulin resistance, resulting in the use of fewer amounts of drugs (insulin...
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