Benefits of Reading at a Young Age

Topics: Spelling, Orthography, Mother Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: October 30, 2012
When I was little, my mom used to read to me all the time. I enjoyed reading all kinds of different books with her. We would read anything we came across, and that is why I continued to read books throughout my entire childhood.

My mother reading to me also seemed to have other advantages. Because she passed the hobby on to me, I have never had a very hard time spelling words or keeping up with a reader. My free time was usually spent hanging out with my friends, watching movies and games, or reading.

Since Mom had always chosen different genres to me, I’d always have one different style book right after the other. My favorite writers were John J. Nance, Clive Cussler, and my all-time favorite; Lee Child. Since these writers are more focused on an adult reading level, I received a lot new words into my vocabulary.

However, as I grew older and started to get closer and closer to high school, I also grew farther and farther away from reading and participating in Spelling B’s. Another factor pulling me away from reading was sports and other more physical activities.

As I quit reading my English grade began to drop. Seeing that I needed to make time for some sort of Literature, I resorted to audiobooks. Which though not as healthy as reading, they do expand your imagination and do almost the same thing as if you were reading the novel with your own eyes.

My point in this paper has been that reading is important in a child’s life. I saw a reflection of my reading in almost every day of school, my speech, and my overall intelligence. It’s because of this that I believe every child should have at least the opportunity to read at a young age and be read to. If the parents or child decide against allowing themselves to benefit from books, then that is their choice. However, I guarantee you one thing, you won’t ever regret reading “too much.”
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