Benefits of Programming

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CheckPoint: Benefits of Programming Knowledge
March 8, 2012
CheckPoint: Benefits of Programming Knowledge
Knowledge in programming is not just beneficial for developers. There are many circumstances where knowledge in programming fundamentals is essential to the job being performed. An IT professional would have a wider range of knowledge in the IT field can be a benefit for a non-programmer. The skills and concepts learned in Java programming also gives IT professionals the concept of all the behind the scene steps that take place in programming. They would have the knowledge of classes, objects, methods, and instance variables. Java is also beneficial to the IT professional because we often need to know how supplications work. A systems administrator planning an upgrade will want to have some knowledge in Java so that they can plan the next upgrade later on in the future. Knowing how a program works makes it easier to understand its limitations, what it can and cannot do. Programming is also responsible for creating very Important programs. For example, OS is the heartbeat of every kind computer or even smartphones. The OS are made up of thousands, even millions of smaller complex programs. Another thing is programmers are able to correct glitches or bugs in a program. It will be simple for them to look at the program, detect the problem, locate the problem, and make the right corrections. Knowledge in programming allows programmers to improve an existing program. Programmers can look at an existing program and determine whether or not it has the right components to become an optimized program. With programs or even programmers, technology would not be the same. Programming knowledge is very helpful when looking to implements solutions that can help the programmers or users in their current roles. Programming can be very helpful to our future. Being a computer programmer offers a glimpse into what the future may hold. Some examples of what...
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