Benefits of Nazi Rule

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  • Published : August 6, 2008
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After the Great War, Germany was in ruin. The political status of the nation was in devastation. Democracy was a very new system for the Germans and there were many who did not want to change. Millions upon millions were unemployed when they came back from the battlefields. However, when the Nazis came to power, they brought opportunity and wealth to the streets of Germany. World War One was a horrific loss to the German people. Not only did they lose their Kaiser and their land but also their moral and self esteem as a nation. The nation was in terrible grief, and on top of that they had to get used to the new government and its system. Not everyone agreed to these solutions. In November 1923, Hitler and the Nazis brought hope and “justice” for many German citizens. Throughout the rising of the Nazis from 1923 to 1933, a large majority of the nation still had a strong faith for the right-wingers and their policies. Hitler and the Nazis embraced the peoples needs and comforted them into believing they were going to help German regain dignity and become a great nation once again. This put Germany back onto its feet after the Great War. Before the Nazis came to power, a very large majority of its population were bankrupt and unemployed. Their taxes were too high and people were depressed financially. Germany was going through its greatest economic crisis yet. But when the Nazis came into power they opened the door for millions, financially and morally. Unemployment was unheard of under Nazi rule. There were Autobahns and large industries to build. This was another giant leap to get Germany out of the dumps and industrialise the nation. One thing happened to another, once the roads and factories were built the employment opportunities opened up remarkably. All this employment meant steady incomes and industrialisation of the new Germany. The Treaty of Versailles was a massive blow to the confidence and moral of the German citizens. Not only did it blame Germany...
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