Benefits of Menu Labeling

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Marlen Martinez
Ms. Stamper
English 1A T/Th
8:00 Am
M P #1
Benefits of Menu Labeling
Menu labeling in restaurants can help fight one of America’s biggest problems which is obesity. Health officials say calorie counts can help prevent diabetes as well as other illnesses. Also it has been shown that nutrition information in restaurant menus does make customers choose meals with fewer calories. Consumption of restaurant food has increased dramatically, therefore it is better to inform customers what they will be eating nutrition wise. It will make it so much easier for those people who care about watching their weight to control what they eat at their favorite restaurant. It has also been shown that menu labeling in restaurants does not affect customers at all in a negative way. Menu labeling should be included in every restaurant in America because it can only benefit customers. Calorie count on restaurants can help fight one of America’s biggest problem which is obesity. One of the main reasons why calorie counts are passing by many cities and states in the country in the first place is to reduce obesity. In a study assigned by the FDA (food and drug administration), says that “64 percent of all Americans are overweight, including 30 percent who are obese” (Davis 2). The option that customers will be given (in this case overweight ones) can help them control the calories they are about to eat instead of just not caring, since they can’t see any choices nutrition wise. Placing the number of calories a Starbucks frappe has, or something as little as a dollar menu burger from McDonald’s can make people break the habit of eating unhealthy food.   Health officials say calorie count can help prevent diabetes, as well as other illnesses. There are probably few Americans that eat the recommended amount of calories and many over consume nutrient-poor food. The National Institutes of Health assume that weight gain results because “a single meal from one of these...