Benefits of Legalizing Drugs

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Drugs Should Be Legalized
Many people including myself believe that the legalization of drugs will allow the government to gain more control and therefore reduce the size of the black market. Legalizing drugs will also un-clog our court system, and therefore have more free space for real criminals. Another issue in this matter is that the government will be able to profit money of the drugs and be able to control prices and what age you will have to be able to buy the drug. Lastly, a good reason was shown to us many years ago with the prohibition of alcohol. Which failed miserably our society is suffering rapidly from this never endless war against drugs.

The article “The Case for Drug Legalization,” Gary E. Johnson talks about the $50 billion dollars we presently spend a year fighting drugs (Johnson 283). This is only in our police force, courts, and jails. It is clear that this war we are fighting is a complete failure. By legalizing drugs we can regulate, tax them, and also control them. Just like alcohol and tobacco, once drugs are controlled society has some sort of equilibrium. I’m not saying all the violence is going to stop, but I do believe it will decrease.

The drug industry is estimated at $400 billion a year (Johnson 285). That is larger than the automobile industry Johnson states. It is clear that this industry is very popular and also very profitable. This same industry is in the hands of the wrong people. The high demand for drugs in the United States is pushing people from all over into this business. There is this saying that America is the swimming pool and Mexico is the diving board. Being Mexican-American and being able to see both sides, I’ll tell you this issue is out of control. By legalizing drugs the black market will slowly and surely diminish.

Prohibition won’t work, can’t work, and has never worked! History shows that prohibition with alcohol from1920-1933 did not work; so therefore why would prohibition with drugs work today?...
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