Benefits of Internet Technologies

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  • Published : March 13, 2011
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Benefits of Internet Technologies
Running a business in today’s competitive business world requires the establishment to be up to date in the technology fields. Even for the smallest businesses it is important to have some sort of network. There are two types of Internets, business Intranet and consumer Internet. Consumer Internet is where all the social networks, videos, music, and other interests that people have that access the Internet from home. Intranet is a network inside of the business that allows employees to share and communicate information to other business operatives despite any distance separating them. Communication is a key operation when running a business and if there is troubles communicating then there will be troubles within the business. The internet offers e-mail and instant messaging which allows co-workers to communicate instantly and to send important information. This will benefit the business by lowering phone usage and time spent on the phone trying to get the correct information or waiting on faxes to come through. With e-mail however employees can attach documents and other important data which can be sent instantly. In addition instant messaging allows more than one user which can provide file sharing and a conference like meeting instead of trying to gather employees and take them away from their work. An intranet is an internal organizational network that allows access to the company data and it creates network applications that run on different computers throughout the company. The intranet is private and can only be accessed by designated users that the company sets up and is similar to the World Wide Web. Sales and marketing can benefit from intranets by always being able to quickly access information that is vital to this department. They will be able to look up production information, marketing projections, sales reports, and even look at what competitors are doing. Intranets will help human resources by keeping track...
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