Benefits of Implementing Telecommuting in the Accounting Industry

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Prepared for

Francois GnambiKadjo, MBA, MM
Managing Director of K.G Tax & Accounting solutions
Adjunct Accounting Faculty at Metro Community College

Prepared by
Sandra Starks

14 May 2012


TO: Francois GnambiKadjo, MBA, MM
Managing Director of K.G Tax & Accounting Solutions
From: Sandra Starks, Student, and Future CPA
Date: 14 May 2012
Subject: Implementing Telecommuting in the Accounting Industry

I put this report together to show you how implementing telecommuting can save your accounting company money.

"Telecommuting is a practice in which an employee works at a location-- typically, but not always, one’s home—that is remote from the actual business facility in which he/she is employed." ( site source)

Research has shown that as a result of steadily escalating information technologies (IT), "collaborations between buyers and sellers, organizations and their members, customers, and clients, employers and employees, and coworkers have been going virtual" at the blink of eye.

A progressively rising work opportunity in many businesses and industries, the usage of telecommuting is projected to increase even more so in the future, heightened by new innovations in computer and communication technology.

Given the scope of this report you may want to consider implementing telecommuting in your business practice.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to research and fortaking the time to read this report. If you have any questions, please let me know for I am free to do more research.


This report is designed to support the recommendation that K.G Tax & Accounting Solutions implement a telecommuting policy from now on. By researching this procedure, I have found that telecommuting can save employers money, retain valued employees, as well as make employees happy. Employers can save tons of money on expenses resulting from workspaces, parking, and energy use, along with sick pay, just to name a few of the benefits. Research has shown having happier employees’ increases productivity. With site flexibility, a work environment can be chosen that best suits the teleworker’s approach, enhances creativity, and reduces disruptions in contrast to the customary office space. It will also show telecommuting can help companies retain valuable employees who require flexible schedules or move to another location. . Being flexible allows employees to decide when it would be more sensible and resourceful to run errands, make appointments, and transport children.This report will show the benefits of telecommuting for your company.


The purpose of this paper is to convince small to medium accounting firms and companies to invest in telecommuting. "Telecommuting is generally defined as working from a remote location or home office, rather than working at a fixed employer-provided site or office. Telecommuting has grown about twenty percent a year over a ten year period." ( site source) This report will show how telecommuting can save the company money, increase retention of valued employees, and help to create happier employees.

Telecommuting Saves the Company Money

The company can achieve substantial savings in amenities such as office and parking space requirements when employees telecommute. Companies that telecommute save money in "office furniture, equipment and supplies, utilities, janitorial service, security, maintenance, paper goods, coffee and water service, as well as leased parking spaces." ( site source) Dow Chemical, for example, was able to save a third of non-real estate administrative costs by sending some workers home (Harnish, 2010). Despite the need to pay for equipment to enable employees to telecommute, downsizing facilities can help employers accumulate capital in the long run. Less...
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