Benefits of Honey

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Specific purpose:To inform my audience about the benefits of honey. Central ideas:Honey is a delicious viscous sweetener made naturally by bees, honey can give benefits to us with are honey is anti-cancer, a natural remedy for many ailments and natural skin care.

l. The Prophet said: 'Honey is a remedy for every illness and the Qur'an is a remedy for all illness of the mind, therefore I recommend to you both remedies, the Qur'an and honey.'(Bukhari). ll. I would like to inform you through my experience honey can give energy, reduce cough, improving sleep, give healthy skin and I always use honey as remedies because it is easy and more effective. lll. Honey is a wonderful product from nature with naturally flavored sugars as well as enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. A lot of medical facts are embedded inside the honey. lV. Today I would like to share with you three major point about the benefits of honey with are honey is anti-cancer, a natural remedies for many ailments and natural skin care.

I. l’ll begin by telling you honey can boosts immunity so honey can act as anti-cancer. A. Honey is rich in antioxidants.
a. Natural honey contains more than 90 percent of effective substance that an important part of these substances are antioxidants. b. Antioxidants are molecules that have ability in trapping free radicals in the body and with this method they prevent cancer, aging and stress. c. Honey is rich in antioxidants such as ascorbic acid, amino acids and proteins. B. Honey is also used for alternative cancer treatment.

a. Some phenols found in honey have important anticancer properties. II. Another benefit, honey can use as remedy for ailments.
A. Honey is a phenomenal remedy and a great source of carbohydrates. a. So it can provide you with lots of energy.
b. It’s a fantastic performance booster, and many athletes use honey to help prevent fatigue during any exercise session. c....
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