Benefits of Green Marketing

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Green Marketing
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This paper is a literature review on green marketing that provides a brief explanation on such a marketing concept and the main intentions of promoting green products. It discusses the reasons to why there was a stumble in this arena during the late 19th century. Inspite of the world’s growing concern for the environment, lack of belief by the consumers, high price for the green products and deceptive advertising are what have been prolonging the success of green marketing. Introduction:

Global environmental issues have become the growing concern throughout where a lot of effort is made to resolve it but very little is being achieved. Companies have been trying to market green products in the last few decades and only until recent years have there been notable changes in consumer trends. The number of people using green products has slowly started to increase but it’s mostly for purchasing households or food items. Whereas when it comes to cars and clothing, they would rather prefer being a regular and be rather ignorant about the environment. In these areas, companies have faced a few challenges since people are not very easy to convince. Besides that, by promoting green products, firms may underperform their competitors and have lesser chances of being profitable. Advertising premium products makes consumers think twice and also the existing attitudes of many are very skeptical about the benefits of these products for the environment. Green marketing has been sending out vague messages which make it difficult to acquire the customers’ interests and thereby limits it from being successful. Literature review:

Green Marketing is essentially the concept of promoting environment friendly products and raising the public’s awareness to use those materials and items that will benefit the environment. Such products are usually made using natural or organic materials and substances but are mostly recycled. The reason they are designed using such methods is to have minimal or zero negative impact on the planet’s ecology. Certain companies adopt the concept of Green Marketing in order to look for ways on how to connect with consumers on being environmentally responsible and simultaneously enjoying the use of the product. In the case of services, they follow an approach to help the consumer achieve the same benefits as they normally would but without leaving a footprint on the environment. This requires for the company itself to be in the right conscience and use the appropriate medium to link with their customers, for instance a company trying to advertise its products must consider online advertising or printing copies using recycled paper. The general idea of marketing in the green way is to incite a gradual transition from an ecologically unfriendly economy to a sustainable one. Another idea that falls under this concept is the shifting of most of the world’s power supply by using solar, geothermal and wind power instead of those which emit pollution in abundance. The numbers of customers using green products have increased numerously over the last few decades. (Tatum, 2011) The whole idea of green marketing had emerged only during the late 1980’s where the public were quite astonished by such a concept which allows a consumer to enjoy the benefits of the product while benefitting the environment as well. There was a sudden burst of activities by many companies to involve themselves in the green area and encourage others to adopt the concept. Fast food companies, tourism industries as well as the financial services played an active role in shifting the consumers buying patterns. Green marketing increased over the next few years and during the 1990’s, it had been more successful since a wide range of people were interested in what it had to offer and how significant differences can be made in an...
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