Benefits of Greek Life

Topics: Fraternities and sororities, National Panhellenic Conference, Fraternal and service organizations Pages: 6 (2167 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Greek Life’s Enrichment of Successful Individuals

Greek Life helps mold the average individual into a more informed, well-rounded, better-prepared adult for today and for the future. Unfortunately, many are blinded by the negative stereotypes that come with Greek Life, but honestly, I couldn't have chosen a better way to improve myself, inside and out. The constant support, that little push to achieve more, the shoulders to cry on when you've had a bad day; these are the things that set us Greeks apart from non-Greeks and these are the reasons I have made it to where I am now.

I strongly believe that you should go Greek because all Greeks, no matter the letters on their chests, motivate their members to hold themselves to a higher standard. With those standards, Greeks more than likely value the same ideas in some way: academic, moral, social and financial. Morals generally come from one’s self-belief of what they should and should not do. To ensure this, all members of a chapter live by their rituals and creed. My sorority, Delta Zeta, for example, lives by our creed to the fullest extent. The Delta Zeta creed states, “To the world, I promise temperance and insight and courage, to crusade for justice. To seek the truth and defend it always. For those whom my life may touch in slight measures, may I give graciously of what is mine. To my friends, understanding and appreciation. To those closer ones, love that is ever steadfast. To my mind, growth. To myself, faith, that I may walk truly in the light of the flame.” We see it fit to apply these words to our everyday life to further better ourselves, as does every other chapter with their creed. Sean Meads from Rocky Mountain College states, “Greek Life holds its members accountable to a higher standard, not just in Greek Life, but in every part of life.” Hansen, a grad student working for the Huffington Post, verifies that all in all, “Greek Life benefits one by demonstrating how to be a strong, curious, brave and zestful individual. We live and breathe the actions of our rituals during collegiate life and beyond. The true rituals take groups of strangers and bond them together to become family; they’re meant to inspire, and when performed by people with the truest of hearts and intentions, they are neither harmful nor embarrassing. Even in the turmoil, the sisterhood and brotherhood Greek Life members feel will help comfort each other during dark moments and help in looking towards a more positive future.” Academics are Greek Life’s number one priority. “Academic success is a value that Greeks hold in high esteem,” according to research based on the Office of Greek Life at Auburn University. The Interfraternity Council at the University of Georgia reassures through studies how chapters assemble programs and various ways encouragement for their academic achievements. New members also partake in programs to ensure that they learn how to study and manage their priorities in a successful manner. Programs that are usually set up for their members usually include “study tables” and “tutoring sessions” for areas where one may be struggling. “These programs are proven largely successful when an all-Greek GPA of 3.30 was compared to a non-Greek GPA of 3.18 at the University of Georgia,” confirms the Interfraternity Council. Georgia College also surveyed the positive correlation on a scattered plot chart, resulting in the conclusion that “those who are involved in Greek Life are enrolled in more hours and typically outcomes in a higher GPA,” supported by Hammer in her project, ‘How Does Greek Life Affect Academics?’ Along with academic and moral values, Greeks strive for excellence in social skills and financial responsibilities. Social skills root from how you interact with others in the community. When one is a part of Greek Life, for the most part, they must be involved in other organizations on campus. The Office of Greek Life at Auburn University expresses through research...
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