Benefits of Going Vegetarian

Topics: Meat, Livestock, Pork Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: August 3, 2011
Mmm. McChicken sandwich. Crisp, warm and juicy. Who wants it? Here you are. Go ahead and eat it. What’s in it? Bread, Lettuce, Cheese, Another creature’s life, and BBQ sauce. And if you’re wondering what kind of life went in to your stomach. (show picture 1) It was her mother, and the McDonalds you‘ll be going to in three weeks will be serving her. Can you honestly look into her eyes and explain to her why she doesn‘t have a mother. Imagine if you were without your mother, and if your mother was killed in front of you, fried and eaten by another. I do not mean to offend anyone in this room, and my goal is not to criticize, but to educate. No soul should have to give their life to feed our hungry stomachs. I understand that every one of us in this room knows that an animal had to die for our food. I will tell you about the lives of these innocent animals, and about being vegetarian and I do not expect anyone to walk out of this room proclaiming themselves vegetarian, but the next time you chomp on your chicken burger, or any meat for that matter, remember the precious lives that were killed and take a moment to be grateful for its sacrifice.

Farm animals are living, complex beings. Factory farming is heartless and cruel. These poor animals that we devour for our so-called “lunch”, are cramped into small cages and then overfed. Cows are tied up in little corners, and are not allowed to move, so their muscle will be soft and not too fibrous. The chicken you eat is not an old one that passed away, but it is a newborn baby chick that is overfed and fattened to increase its body mass about 50% a day. This obesity causes the chickens to have much trouble breathing, and weak bones. And then they are hung by their legs by large machinery, and an assembly line of hanging live chicks get their throats slit one by one, while they are still conscious. The chickens which are hanging upside down, continue down a large assembly line, slowly dying, with their blood oozing down...
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