Benefits of Going Holidays

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  • Published : November 5, 2012
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What is the psychological benefit of going on holiday? For most of us life involves the constant routine of work, whether at home with the family or within a business. Household duties, shopping, cooking, and looking after our families, watching television and whatever other hobbies or activities we engage in keep our minds active and occupied day in day out.

If we interpret our situation to be stressful, forced, without choice or robotic then the constant engagement in life can wear us down and leave us feeling less than enthusiastic. If we feel unhappy about our situation and yet do not see a way to change it to what we would rather have, life can become a chore rather than exhilarating and exciting.

It’s not always easy to change a job we do not enjoy or feel suitably challenging. It’s not always appropriate, financially or emotionally realistic to leave difficult relationships or stressful family situations, therefore we endure our current lifestyles, regardless.

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« Four Leaf Clover Brings Luck?Guest Country and Republic Day » How can we get away from an unchanging routine? In the same way you would take a break from over-involvement in a demanding task to clear your mind and gain new perspective before returning to recreate new ideas, you can take a holiday in order to refresh your mind from the prolonged identity with sameness, stress, fatigue or monotony.

Obviously our lives do not have to be troubled or stressful to appreciate a holiday but no matter what we engage in daily, there is routine of some sort, therefore a change of scenery and new exciting stimulation for our minds is advisable in order to remind ourselves there is more to life than the ongoing routine of our current situations.

Some people experience a sense of freedom the moment they lock the front door to their house, and their holiday has begun. Everyday life is left behind. For others it’s being on the aeroplane, physically...
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