Benefits of Forest Schools

Topics: Self-esteem, Education, Positive psychology Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: December 11, 2011
The benefits of forest schools

When I did my forest school training I became aware of lots of benefits for children and adults numerous natural rich quality resources and provision
activities which are very adaptable to accommodate different ages and abilities activities which are suitable for different learning styles and schemes opportunities for children to take risks
familiarise children on setting boundaries and how to comply with boundaries promotes self-esteem, independence and confidence
allows teachers/support staff to observe children in a different/natural environment During my 3 days forest school training you could see how everybody became more confident, at the start we were all reluctant to ask each other if they wanted help etc, by the 3rd day I noticed we were helping each other naturally without asking I believe this would be the same with children which would promote good team work and social skills this would also support children with low self-esteem as forest school believes that it should be a positive experience with lots of praise and no negatives always at least a “Well done”.

Forest school gives you the freedom to adapt activities easily for children with additional learning needs/ physical disabilities for example rainbow book-marks could be adapted by scented book-marks for children with a sight impediment, and textured book-marks for children with autism also if you have a child who is unable to walk or has poor balance you could either collect items and place around a suitable area that they could get around or work in teams promoting the children’s preferred style and scheme of working. I think forest school would benefit the children I work with as it would promote independence and confidence which some of the children lack it would also teach children about boundaries which some children need they would also feel involved in this if they are helping to set them they are more likely to comply . I have seen...
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