Benefits of Exercise

Topics: Heart, Circulatory system, Nutrition Pages: 3 (742 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Composition 112 – Professor Miller

Stress unchecked can lead to serious health problems and cause havoc to the body. The importance of exercise, good nutrition, and meditation is key in improving overall physical condition. There have been studies showing that exercise and a diet low in sodium may lower blood pressure and increases the heart productivity. Therefore, these elements can certainly be beneficial for a healthy lifestyle. Although stress has many ramifications on the circulatory system, statistics has shown that stress has can be managed over a period of time just by working-out on a regular basis, adding fruits and vegetables to one’s diet may add to life’s expectancy. Exercise is vital in helping elevate stress it gets the blood moving and releases endorphins that enhance the natural reaction of the body hormones. In the article “Exercise and Stress: Work Out to Work it Out states that regular aerobic exercise brings remarkable changes to the body, metabolism, heart and spirits. It exhilarates and provides stimulation and calm.” Burning calories is important to maintaining weight control, cutting out food and drinks that may contain a lot of caffeine can increase moods immediately. Stress and poor eating habits are closely related to health issues which can have a great impact on the immune system. The article “Stress and Nutrition: The Link Between Stress and Nutrition Deficiencies states that unhealthy lifestyles patterns lead to more stress. For example when were harried and under stress, we tend to eat the wrong foods which may cause other health problems. People that are stressed tend to crave foods high in fat, sugar and salt which increase blood sugar in the body.”

The Food Guide Pyramid has an outlines of the proper foods to maintain a balance diet which consist of “plenty of breads, cereals, rice,...
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