Benefits of Education

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  • Published : May 16, 2006
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Benefits of Educations

Education is everything in today's modern era. People who don't know you will have to figure out who you are and what kind of person you are by what you have done. In America it is very difficult to get any good field of work with good pay and good hours without a high school education and a college degree. To get in any job that is important like being a layer to defend someone from death penalty to opening someone's head to remove a tumor from a patient requires many years of hard works and of schooling to get in that position. I myself am aiming for the gaming business or a computer programmer field. So I will have to go to college courses to learn the skills that I will need in my field of work. If you want to even apply for a college you must have at least a high school degree to get admitted to some colleges. So its all a process one must go through. Most jobs that require skill in the US need a college degree for you to even apply for the job. All the men of the world who you have heard about have done some sort of education that have got them to that point from George Washington to Martin Luther King Jr. All of them have done some serious studying to get where they got to. George Washington was a brilliant leader and a great strategist for being a Military commander. Martin Luther made one of the most brilliant speeches and he went to school for many years to learn many different ways to express his feelings on paper. If you wish for people to respect you and to pay attention to you, you must have a education so that they will hear you out and see that you have something important to say. No mater where you go or at what time period Education is the most important tool you will have. Because education is the key.
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