Benefits of College

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  • Published : June 25, 2011
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College to me is based on stability to my future. Whether it’s personal or professional, attending college allows me security. Receiving a degree in the medical field, I will always be able to provide for me and my family financially. Also, professionally there will be a stable career for me to advance in. College opens many opportunities to bigger things, always knowing there is a career available to me. It’s not only about the benefits of being in college but, knowing I’m achieving my goals and completing something that can change my life depending on what I do with it. Although, I have the weakness to stop my college success when my motivation drops, I challenge myself to push even harder and seek further. What people may fail to realize, is without a college education there is no bright path and your future is not promised. I look up to celebrities for there ambition and talent however, the singing, videos, movies doesn’t last forever. So the benefits my college education will provide in my personal and professional life is mainly based on stability and happiness. I look at it as a process. Participate in school, earn my degree, job placement. Having a career after college will help bring my family and I closer together with no financial concerns. This way my siblings that look up to me, will follow my path by seeking greater things in their lives. Finally, another benefit from college is I’m able to find myself within. Throughout all the experiences and changes I have overcome, college is helping me to grow into who I’am today.
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