Benefits of Coaching

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Managing and Working with People

Assessment Task 2

Coaching could be a benefit for both the organisation and for the individuals they employ

If there is a good system of coaching installed, its benefit could be so extensive that the whole organisation can benefit. Some of the benefits for organisations were illustrated by The 2002 Coaching at Work survey carried out by the Chartered Management Institute supported by Lloyds TSB, which in its findings found that the main reason for using coaching in organisations was for supporting structural change within the organisation, staff motivation and the retention of staff. Some of the other benefits were an improvement in productivity with the use of the individual’s talents, and potential, which demonstrates commitment to individuals and their development. This may also give a higher organisational performance and a greater productivity with a more creative knowledge and learning allowing motivating individuals more naturally, Making it easier to adopt a new culture of management style in the organisation also helping to improve relationships between departments and people. In an article for executives ( visited 4/10/2012 gives “a bottom line” that coaching returns a 529% return on the investment of coaching. Difficulties with coaching may arise as it involves a different relationship between coach and the coachee that exists in the usual management structures that is found within in most organisations. In some cases the organisation will ask managers within the organisation to coach their own, instead of introducing external coaches. The organisations may need to address these issues to develop coaching as a predominant management style. Coaching would help Pete as an individual 'learn' how to learn and come to understand how he 'fits in the bigger picture'. This helps him to 'see' the purpose of his efforts and contributions in achieving business objectives. One the first parts is the development of self awareness in relation to the impact and influence on others and one of the key factors in having a purpose and meaning for doing something which is also important for developing motivation, to take action to gain commitment from others and to be responsible. This would also encourage others in promoting positive discretionary conduct and building a more mutual emotional contract at the work place. This certainly built on trust. Coaching Pete there are various approaches that used such as focused, non-directive, directive, and solution focused. Using three well-known coaching models such the Grow Model which is (Goal, Reality, Options, Will)

is the model that’s most widely known coaching tool, that empowers the coach to structure a coaching conversion and deliver a meaningful result, the GROW acronym suggest that a coach using the grow model is likely to start by asking a client, to set goals, both for what they want to get out of the coaching sessions as a whole and for each session. Using the GROW Model the coach will begin the discussion by asking the clients define the topic in order to understand what specifically the client wants to talk about and the size of the challenges the face and what does the client want to achieve in the long term and what does success look like. The majority of coaches will encourage clients to set goal which are SMART (Specific ,Measureable, Agreed, Realistic and Time-Framed) the idea being that this will assist the client in focussing their thoughts and will enable them to measure, whether their goals are achievable in the long term. The Reality stage in the model the coach will assist the client in assessing objectively where they currently are in relation to their goal and how they perceive their current situation. This process of discovery is designed to allow the...
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