Benefits of Co-Curricular Activities

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  • Published : February 15, 2013
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Benefits of Co-curricular Activities
Everyone knows about co-curricular. What some of us don’t know about curriculum is that curriculum is as a body of knowledge to be transmitted, it is also as an attempt to achieve certain ends in students – product, plus it is as a process and it is as praxis(Mark K. Smith 1996, 2000). It gave many benefits to a wide range of students and it may help them in many ways. It is also a part of education where it is held outdoors or indoors. Co-curricular activities are optional and pursued outside the classroom to enrich the course syllabi. They are meant to complement and not interfere with the studies. Some say that it is does intervene with studies but there are many researches which state the benefits of co-curricular activities. This includes improving our health, increasing self motivation and build skills among students. Firstly, co-curricular activities can improve our health mentally, psychologically, and emotionally. It is good for our mental health because if we do exercise regularly, it regulates blood to the brain. Furthermore, it can encourage the body to generate and also for our heart to pump the blood actively, not only to the related organs but especially the brain. The brain needs more energy when focusing on a specific task. Additional activities stimulate work for both sides of the brains. Each side of the brain is responsible for processing different types of thoughts. Students in general are exposed to logical thinking during their studies, which is processed by the left side of the brain. By doing outdoor activities, the brain will be stimulated to creative thinking, which is processed by the right side of the brain (Zimmer C., 2005). Healthy body leads to a healthy environment. The students will be more comfortable working in a clean, fresh and hygienic environment, and students will take it to the state of mind subconsciously. A healthy physique leads to higher endurance. A well known fact is that muscle...
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