Benefits of Cell Phones in Class

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Distraction Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: September 27, 2012
What benefits will give us a cell phone in class? Well since technology is so advanced now a days using a cell phone in class will allow us to look for something online if needed to. And now cell phones have lots of apps that are very helpful when used for study purposes, for example instead of buying a book you can just download it from the internet to your phone. By listening to music lots of students concentrate better while studying and that way they get more interested in class. And fewer students will be dropping out of school.

One of the many disadvantages of using a phone during class is that having a phone during class could be very distracting. Many students don’t know how to control themselves and put the phone down. They would rather respond to a text message instead of ignoring it and pay attention to the class. Almost every cell phone out there has games and many other distractions for students. If the student does not have self-control then it would be almost impossible for him/her to put the phone down.

My opinion in this whole argument would be that students would not be allowed to use cellphones during class because not everyone has the self-control that others do. By not being allowed of this, students would not be tempted to take out their phones. They would pay more attention to class and not be so distracted. Students would become used to the idea of not taking their phones out in a business meeting or in a college class in the future. This law would be very helpful to many students.
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