Benefits of Attending a Same Sex School

Topics: High school, Education, Gender Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Sydney Bryant
Are There Benefits to Attending a Same-Sex School?
Ask almost any high school senior what they have planned for their first fall away from home and they will more than likely leap into an animated discussion about the great co-ed school that they have been accepted to. They will highlight all of the usual points; great staff, beautiful campus, vibrant student life, top notch programs, etc. Very few students, on the contrary, will talk about attending a great same-sex school after high school. It is widely believed by many that same-sex schools are inferior to their co-ed counterparts, but they would be pleasantly surprised to discover the multiple benefits of attending a same-sex school.

The pros greatly outweigh the cons of attending a same-sex school on paper. One of the most prominent benefits of attending a same-sex school is the elimination of relationship drama. In traditional universities where male and female students freely interact there is constant distraction amongst the students. Many of the students are too preoccupied with trying to attract the eye of a member of the opposite sex to thoroughly focus on studying their schoolwork. That is not to say that all co-ed students are not focused on the materials they have gone to school for, but at a single sex school the distraction of heterosexual relationships is eliminated from the focus of the mind of the student.

Yet another pro to attending a same-sex school is a more equalized academic and extra curricular playing field. Many scientific studies have determined that males and females think and learn very differently, so wouldn’t it make sense to separate the two genders when it comes to higher education? Imagine a classroom full of like-minded students who think and learn both on a similar mental and biological level. Classroom discussions can reach new heights, new ideas could be invented, and the possibilities beyond class are endless!

Same-sex schools may not seem like the...
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