Benefits and Non Benefits of Industrialization

Topics: United States, Industry, Unemployment Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: June 4, 2008
The Industrialization of the United States Benefited as well as hurt our economy, society and government. The initiation of railroads and the growth of American Industries played a very important role in the growth of the country. Railroads made it businesses able to spread their product throughout the nation and Industries raised the Manufacturing rate and profit. These two advancements benefited our citizens greatly, but had its flaws and downsides. From the period of 1850 through 1871 The Federal governments gave huge land grants to encourage the building of the railroads. The railroads represented trade and independence. The building of these massive tracks provided much work especially for unemployed immigrants. They made expansion available for a wider range of people. Before this innovation to travel overland by stagecoach cost one thousand dollars and took five to six months. The railroads made it possible to travel for only 5 days with a fee of one hundred and fifty dollars for a first-class sleeper. The iron, coal, steel, lumber and glass industries grew rapidly just because of the their constant need to keep up with the railroad needs. The growth of Industry also helped benefit and industrialize the Country immensely. Industry Entrepreneurs such as Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and J.P Morgan played the biggest roles during this time. Like railroads large industries created plentiful jobs. In this so-called gilded age from 1869 to 1910 United States Manufacturing rose from three to thirteen billion dollars. This gave way to a new breed of millionaires which fortune and power was far set apart from the rest of the country, while creating a new middle class. This emergence of Modern Corporation was accompanied by many positive developments. Through mechanization, standardization, and economics of sale productivity soared.

Just as these advancements had benefits they had their downsides as well. Expansion caused a reemerging conflict with the...
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