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Topics: The Unit, Kuala Lumpur, Utusan Malaysia Pages: 14 (4667 words) Published: December 17, 2012
2.0 Classification and Filing System in the department
3.1 Type of records
A record is information created, sent and received in the course of carrying out the business of your agency. Records have many formats, including paper and electronic. Record provides proof of what happened, when it happened and who made decisions. Not all records are of equal importance or need to be kept. The Information Center Unit in Utusan Melayu (M) Berhad kept record either electronic or printed materials. There are 4 types of record kept in the organization which are: 3.2.1 Picture

Picture can divide into two formats, which is digital picture and printed picture. In the Information Center Unit, they kept the picture in different places based on their format. For printed picture they kept in envelope which is provided by cover to preserve the picture from damage. Printed picture are more difficult to preserve compare to digital picture this is because printed picture are more expose to damage. While, for the digital picture it will keep in the computer. For digital picture it has special system use to save the picture and they called it Photo Station Pro. Nowadays, the technologies are more advanced so the old picture also has been digitized and saved in the computer. Besides that, it also will save space on the shelf.

Figure 1: Example of electronic record
3.2.2 Newspaper
One of the records in Information Center Unit is newspaper. Newspaper can be volumes due too much newspaper are released every day. The newspaper is volume based on the month. Newspaper records preserve by hard cover and placed at provided shelf. The preservation of the newspapers spends a lot of expenses. The shelves for newspaper are bigger than others shelves due to newspaper are bigger document than others. Usually the newspapers are put in open shelf for easy retrieved by the staff. Some newspaper also have been digitized depends on the value and demand. Examples of the newspaper that have been binding are Utusan Malaysia, Mingguan Malaysia and Kosmo.

3.2.3 Negative Film
Negative film is the name for a photographic film that will give images which have their colours inverted. Before development of Utusan Melayu (M) Berhad group use the negative film to save their entire picture that has been captured. Every single negative film will save in the special envelope before it kept in the shelf. On the envelope will attach the details of the film such as file, date, journalist, place and caption. Negative film is kept in the special shelf to preserve. Negative film also put in the closely shelf and arrange orderly by the staffs. In the unit, they keeps the microfilm in the special room that all the microfilm inside the room and not be mix with other materials.

3.2.4 Microfilm
Microfilm is a film on which printed materials are photographed at greatly reduced size for ease of storage. The Information Center Unit keeps their microfilm in special cases to preserve the microfilm. Microfilm must be place in dark cases and not expose to the light to prevent from damage. The exposure of microfilm with light or expose with air will reduce the colour of the film and content inside the microfilm cannot be seen. Besides, microfilm also put in closely rack and arranged well for easy retrieved by the staff. Every microfilm will label on the cases what the content is. The labelling included date of the microfilm, the title and the journalist.

3.2 Person in charge of the Records Management in the department 3.3.5 Head of Information Center Unit

Name: Puan Fouziah Binti Abdul Rahim
Qualification: Bachelor of Library Science.
In Information Center Unit is held by Puan Fouziah Binti Abdul Rahim who is the person in charge in the records management in the unit. She had graduated from Universiti Malaya in Bachelor of Library Science. She is responsible for the effective and appropriate management of an...
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