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Benefit Online Shopping

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Benefit Online Shopping

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|Final Thoughts: | | | |The internet has permanently revolutionized marketing for citizens all over the world. Gone are the days when one had to either transport | |himself/herself to the local store or flip through the pages of a bulky catalog and then call in an order. Purchasing today can be made using this | |thing called the internet, saving consumers time and money with an abundant selection that is unsurpassed in even the largest shopping malls. | | | |I have made thousands of dollars in on- line purchases, both for myself and for the places I have worked. The web sites I use most frequently for | |on- line purchasing and browsing are book sites, like and Barnes and Noble; travel sites, like,, and | |; general merchandise sites like, and; retail store web sites like,, and | |; and automotive sites like,, and About the only thing I have never purchased on- line is | |groceries I don’t even know if such services still exist and if they are growing and thriving because I rarely hear about them. I assume they are | |still out there, since there is a need for such a service. But I have never had any real desire to use the internet for this type of purchase. | | | |The reasons I like shopping...

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