Benefit of Telemedicine

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  • Published : May 20, 2011
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Nowadays, telemedicine, which is defined as using of telecommunication technology to provide clinical care to individuals at distant sites and the transmission of medical and surgical information and images needed to provide that care (Mosby’s Medical dictionary, 8th edition, 2009), has become a powerful tool in the world to enhance better health care due to widespread of modern technology. In developing countries, remote areas seem to be isolated and lack of qualified doctors or physicians as well as equipments, that’s why telemedicine will be provided a potential benefits to them. This essay will highlight prodigious benefits of telemedicine. The most important advantages of telemedicine is allowing long-distant people to access advanced healthcare services and cost efficiencies. Scottish Centre for Telehealth had claimed that 99 percent of patients were more convenience with remote care and 95 percent of them widely felt acceptable with services (Jose, 2009, Internet). It also added that it can provided physicians and long distance patients interact in a clinical consultation. For example, the indigenous people who live in Ratanakiri 2004 had health problems because they rarely got treatment and often die due to lack of medical facilities and doctors. However, telemedicine nowadays can help them to receive conventional healthcare services and offer the possibility to consult with professional doctors over video link. Also, at the health centre needs nurses to conduct medical checkup by interviewing, examination and taking photographs and then send all these information via solar powered computer to physicians at Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope in Phnom Penh or partners in Massachusetts to confirm diagnosis, recommend drugs and treatment procedure to the clinic (Hopebuilding Wiki, 2011, Internet). Furthermore, patients no longer need to travel long distance for healthcare because they not only can access these services in their communities but also gain...
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