Benefit of Teamwork

Topics: Critical thinking, Problem solving Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: April 5, 2012
Release of creativity and energy
much more interaction between people satisfying the need to belong improve efficiency by people planning activities together with cooperation and communication able to identify way to improve work organization

improve productivity
improve social skill and relationship among people

2. Skill that team member can develop:
a.skill of self-management-build sense of ownership, responsibility, commitment and efficiency within team member. b.skill of communication-become better listener, commiserating with other, reframing communication so they can be heard ,and communicating honestly about thing that really happen c.skill of leadership

d.skill of responsibility-responsibility not only for own work but for work of other team member e.skill of supportive diversity-allow member to overcome prejudices and biases and not create winners and losers f.skill of feedback and evaluation-team communication, quality of product, processes ,and relationship. In a true team environment, self critical perspective are expected, welcomed, acknowledged and rewarded. g.skill of strategic planning-encourage member think in long term, be proactive and preventative and focus on solution rather than problem h.skill of shaping successful meetings-team meeting can be streamlined and made shorter, more satisfying and more productive ,and result in expanded consensus i-skill of resolving conflict-improve problem solving skills j.skill of enjoyment-enjoy working together to accomplish difficult tast

3. Individual needs can be satisfied by :
-providing support
-maintaining morale
-effort being more easily recognized
-enhanced mental security
-a feeling of protection

-does mgt emphasis on teamwork within workplace?
-is there regular performance review meeting?
-achieve difficult and challenging objectives?
-improve time management by effective planning?
-improve relationship with colleague?
-improve supportive skill?...
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