Benefit of Playing Guitars

Topics: Learning, Guitar, Intelligence Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Benefits and Advantages of Playing the Guitar

Yes, playing the guitar and/or taking it up as a hobby is a lot of fun and very entertaining, but did you know that there are tons of other benefits associated with playing the instrument? 1. It makes you mind sharper and increases your intellectual capacity: And I’m not simply making this up, as studies have shown that musicians and particularly guitarists generally tend to have higher IQ results than others. 2. It increases your mental capacity: You’ll be learning notes, chord diagrams/charts, tabs, and other forms of music notation. This will enhance and increase your memory retention. 3. Learning the guitar teaches you important things useful in life: Such as, discipline, motivation and patience: The process of learning the instrument is a long and difficult journey, and only those with the right attitude and patience and perseverance get through to the end. Plus the discipline required to learn the instrument can help you in other fields of your life. 4. It is a great way to relieve some stress: Trust me, there’s nothing like a 10-minute guitar session to relieve some stress. Music is known for its therapeutic abilities, and the sound of an acoustic guitar might be just what you need to relax or soothe your mind. For instance for me, the guitar is one of the best ways to relax and chill out. 5. It is a great form of workout: Playing the guitar is a great workout, particularly for certain parts of your body such as your fingers, hands, arms and also your legs. Playing the guitar consistently strengthens these parts of your body, and coupled with a pre-guitar warm-up, can be a great physical workout. 6. Playing the guitar is a great emotional outlet: Music is a great way to communicate your emotions, and connect with others emotionally. Music is an art, it lets you express your feeling and your emotions. It is a great outlet for your emotions. If you’re feeling high, or low, your guitar will always be there to...
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