Benefit of Learning English

Topics: Confidence, Reason, Constructed language Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: June 13, 2012
How do you think English can improve someone’s life? English is very important because it is a universal language. Besides that, it is the language used in any technology pamphlet or product. Learning English offers people some benefits such as getting better jobs, communication with others everywhere, and helps people be more confident.

First of all, English gives people the opportunity to get better jobs. For example, many big companies require people with English skills to perform their jobs. Also, it helps people to have a higher position at work. In addition, a person can travel anywhere and find a job where English is spoken or required. In fact, English is the key to be successful anywhere.

Second of all, English gives people the access to communicate with others around the world. For instance, nowadays people are using English through networks such as Facebook, My Space, Twitter, and many others to get in contact. Also, big organizations like UN and UNICEF use English to communicate. So, every country provides English as a Foreign Language at school because of its importance. Therefore, it is important to learn English to connect people everywhere.

Nevertheless, English is necessary to improve someone’s confidence. For example, if a person goes to the hospital, airport, government office, or any other important place; he or she will feel more comfortable. As a result, a person becomes very independent. Also, being confidence means that a person has the opportunity to express his or her ideas and opinions. For all these reasons, English has the power to make people more confident.

Finally, English is the most used and practical language in the world. For that reason, it is an international language. English will improve people’s life in many areas; such as finding a good job, better communication and self-confidence. It is almost guaranteed that English is the way to have a lot of benefits.
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