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Snehneer (home of love), is a shelter home at Rajarhat in Kolkata for 25 young children. It is run by Bhoruka Public Welfare Trust with support from Hope Foundation, Ireland. This home shelters those children who are either infected or affected by HIV. The project provides educational, nutritional, psychological, recreational support to the children. The project caters not only to the infected children but also addressing the issues of those children who are affected by HIV/AIDS.

Project goal vs implementation
Project goals:
* To ensure basic human rights for the children affected/infected with HIV. * To ensure a long-term shelter home for the HIV affected/infected children in need. * To provide psychological support to the children, parents and family members through counselling services. * To provide social support through a positive environment in the community * Providing social support through a positive environment in the community. * Proper support to families so that they can plan their future.

* Provides holistic care (nutritional, educational, psychological and health) to infected and affected children in dire need, through long-term shelter home services. * Provides care and treatment to the residents through regular health check-ups. * Provides proper facility for vaccination to both the infected and affected children. * Network with Government health facilities to ensure enrolment of infected children to ART centers, proper immunization, etc. * Provides non-formal education to the infected and affected children. * Ensures formal education to the infected and affected children by placing them in nearby Government schools. * Provides appropriate services to the parents and/or extended family members through parental counseling. * Provides entertainment and recreational programs for the residents by arranging outdoor tours at regular intervals. * Ensure life skills education to the infected and affected children. * Capacity building of family members on home-based care, through family training. * Networking with people of the positive network.

Target Groups: HIV infected and affected children and their families. Specific focus of the project for the period:
* Nutrition.
* Health / Hygiene.
* Education.
* Counselling.
* Medical Support.
* Recreation Visit.
* Annual Excursion.
* Counselling Material.
* Home visit for new children or Parents Meeting / Counselling.
SWOT analysis
Staff Commitment
Apart from the managerial leadership the 16-member team including a cleaning staffs, cooking staffs, teachers, doctors, mentors who are focused on the development and well-being of the children. The processes followed and activities witnessed during our visits to the Snehneer premise were impressive. Few improvements can be looked upon if we improve:-

* One to One supervising.
* Identification of the hidden talents and nurture them so that they can prosper. * The proposition for the promise of care and affection should be always there. * Encouraging sensitive discussions and healthy feedbacks.

Managerial Leadership
The Snehneer project rests on the shoulders of a strong and dedicated team that works under the able guidance of Mr. Somnath Mukherjee. The 16-member team is single-mindedly focused on the development and well-being of the children. The operations and activities witnessed during the field visits to the Snehneer premises were impressive. The dedication of Mr. Somnath Mukherjee and his team towards this cause is truly commendable.

GAP analysis
Allocation towards nutritional expenses:
In the latest budget for Snehneer, an allocation of Rs. 25 per day has been mentioned for the daily nutritional expenses per student. Considering food inflation and the general annual increase in cost of living, this is not sufficient. Discussions can be initiated with Hope...
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