Beneath Clouds

Topics: White people, Indigenous Australians, Father Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: November 28, 2011
Journey is the act of moving from one place to another, even though most journeys seem physical; many people who embark on a physical journey may also experience an inner journey themself. Ivan Sen’s Beneath Clouds is about two indigenous teenagers who embark on a journey to find more about themselves. Vaughn and Lena both embarks on a journey to find their parents. Vaughn and Lena goes a journey to find their parents. The main themes of Beneath Clouds are Family, friends and racism. Family is important to the protagonist of Beneath Clouds. Lena embarks on a journey to find her Irish father and to find out who she is going to be. Lena who never seems her father before went on a journey to Sydney to find him. Lena’s Father is her motivation to embrace on the long journey. Lena who has lived with her aboriginal mother all life, she realized that she cannot go forward with her current lifestyle with her uncaring mother. Vaughn Family is important to him, when he found out about his dying mother, he escape prison even though he knew the consequence of it, Vaughn quotes that “I been in prison for two years and only, one person has visited me” this shows his anger toward his mother yet his still cared enough to escape prison and go on a long journey to see her dying mother. Vaughn wants to visit dying mother before it is too late and Lena wants to change her lifestyle and be accepted by her dad. Journey has many obstacles blocking the path; friendship is where one helps another get pass certain obstacle which he is unable to do alone. Friendship is important in the movie Beneath clouds, Vaughn and Lena at first seemed to distrust each other, but soon throughout the movie Vaughn and Lena seemed to come closer together, they soon realized that they had the same problems and weren’t so different. Lena and Vaughn soon created a special bond, helping each other when one is down. An example of Friendship is when Vaughn saves Lena from the boys trying to kidnappers. Friends...
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