Bending Moment

Topics: Differential equation, Beam, Length Pages: 3 (573 words) Published: January 22, 2013

1.0 Learning outcome:
1.1 Determine the magnitude of the fixing moment in a continuous beam by experiment and to compare this with the value predicted by theory.

2.0 Apparatus/Equipment:
2.1 Aluminium
2.2 Brounze
2.3 Weight
2.4 Dial gauge

WeightDial gauge Aluminium Brounze 3.0 Safety and health:
3.1 Make sure the student follow the laboratory or workshop safety regulator. 3.2 Experiment must be conduct by lecturers or experience lab assistance. 3.3 Always wear appropriate protective clothing.

3.4 Be familiar with the location of emergency equipment-fire alam ,fire extinguisher,emergency eye wash and safety shower. 3.5 Always wash hand and arms wit soap and water before leaving the work area. 3.6 Never perform unauthorized work,preparation or experiments.

4.0 Theory:

1.Horizontal structural member used to support horizontal loads such as floors, roofs, and decks. 2. Consider a simply supported beam of length, L.
3. The The cross section is rectangular with width b and height h cross section is rectangular, with width, b, and height, h. 4. Beams have been used since dim antiquity to support loads over empty space, as roof beams supported by thick columns, or er of the approximate methods called "strength of materials methods. 5." These methods depend on the use of statics, superposition and simplifying assumptions that turn out to be very close to the truth. 6. They give approximate, not exact, results that are usually more than adequate for engineering work. 7. Calculus and a little differential equations are all the mathematics required for this approach, not the partial differential equations or tensor analysis that are typical tools in elasticity. ƒ Types of beam loads

* ƒ Uniform
* ƒ Varied by length...
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