Bend It Like Beckham

Topics: Family, Mother, Culture Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Period 7
Cultural Conflicts Essay
Living amidst two separate vortexes of her families’ traditional values and her ever going desire to follow her own ambitions, Jessminder Bhamra finds herself wedged between her family’s Indian culture and her own generation’s interests. Having to seek ways around family values and beliefs, Jess demonstrates dictation over her own choices. After all, she is 18 years old. The director depicts a plot of a typical teenage girl living in an urbanized society in west London. He represents multiple obstacles throughout Jess’ journey of achieving her goals, many of which are centered in girl vs. society and girl vs. family (culture). Growing up in Hounslow, London, in a society completely different from that of her Sikh parents, Jess finds herself opposing her family’s values when she explains to them she longs to play football. Her strict parents immediately oppose for multiple cultural reasons. Religious beliefs and rituals, her mother’s view on the appearance of young Indian women, and Jess’ future academics and chances of finding a husband interferes with the chances of Jess gaining approval from her parents. While Jess’ parents occupy themselves with preparations for her sister Pinky’s wedding, Jess joins the local football team called the Hounslow Harriers. After discovering she had covertly joined the team, Jess’ parents place more restriction by no longer allowing her to attend matches. Although Jess becomes furious, she later discoveries her father opposed of her decision to pursue sports because he didn’t want her to face racial discrimination as he did as a Cricket player. Girl vs. Society becomes apparent as Jess initially becomes involved with the sport outside of the home. Jess encounters a new friend, Jules, whose interest is soccer as well. She immediately discovers Jess’ potential and encourages her to join the team. Once Jess meets the coach, Joe, he appears a bit skeptical as to what someone like...
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