Ben Reed

Topics: Wage, Employment, Management Pages: 3 (841 words) Published: May 20, 2013

I. Context/Background

Ben Reed, twenty seven, graduated from the state university in June 1960 with a B.A. degree in psychology. Ben Reed was hired as assistant office manager at the Acme Medical Association, a group health insurance organization. Having a salary of $5000 per year, he was responsible for supervising approximately forty female office employees who performed sorting, totaling, and recording operations concerning medical claims charged against Acme. Ben’s immediate supervisor, Charles Grayson, the office manager, had been with Acme for twenty years and had risen to his present position from a beginning job as a clerical assistant. During his career in Acme, he had watched the company grow and progress, and often referred to the increase in employees under his supervision with a great deal of pride.

According to Ben, his work at Acme was not especially challenging because he stated that his main duties were to check the time cards of the office worker, make sure everything was in order, and answer questions concerning claims. He also did special statistical studies at the request of the controller office of Grayson. These studies were infrequent, and during his first four months with Acme, Ben participated in only two such studies. Ben had some strong convictions concerning the supervision of the office employees. He was concerned about the situation at Acme for two reasons: first was the high turnover of office employees with the averaged of 48% per year and second was the apathy of many of the girls towards their work. Ben felt obligated to make some suggestions which he felt would improve the situation with regard to the office force even if he was new in the organization. So Ben suggested to Grayson that he would be happy to conduct informal classes as part of his regular duties but Grayson did not feel this was a good suggestion so he did not permit Ben to go...
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