Ben Hur

Topics: English-language films, Jesus, 2005 albums Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: March 11, 2013
The movie wasn’t as Hollywood as I expected and by that I mean it was quite slow. There would be interesting parts that really kept me watching and then it would just go to a conversation about something that wasn’t stimulating at all. I must say my favorite parts were the chariot races, and Jesus giving water to Judah. But after watching the movie I realized, that there was more to it than just the special effects. Judah could have easily sought vengeance for being treated like dirt even though he was a part of the wealthy class. But Judah recognizes that the Christ stands for a different goal than revenge, and he becomes Christian. He then turns to supporting the new religion with money which he has inherited. All of this was inspired by love and the talk of keys to a greater kingdom than anything. This stuck out the most to me because in everyday situations, people get “jipped” in life and the first thing they think in spite of in the moment anger is revenge. Or if they aren’t thinking revenge then the next person that comes in their pathway gets all the rage. He assembled enough knowledge about life and beat the Romans at their own game. Also Judah was determined to stay alive and be reunited with his mother and sister which brings us to probably my most favorite scene of the movie. And that’s when his mother and sister become cured of the leprosy and Judah touches both of their faces and hugs them. I’m not sure why but this scene just warmed my heart because it shows that if you never lose faith, something good will come out in the end. All in all, it wouldn’t have been my first choice in movies but I can definitely say I’m glad I saw it.
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