Ben Graham

Topics: Value investing, Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham Pages: 2 (772 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Benjamin Graham was born on the 8th of May 1894 in London, England. His family, which was of Jewish decent later moved to New York City where his father passed leaving Graham to care for his widowed mother and fatherless siblings. It is believed that it was not until his father died that Graham decided to take his education seriously. Which led him to graduating as a salutatorian from his Columbia University class of 1914. After school Graham had many offers to teach at Columbia but turned them to work on Wall Street for Newburger, Henderson, and Loeb. At just the tender age of 25 Graham was supposedly making $500,000 per annum. Throughout Grahams Career he was a major contributor to Economics and also Investment. Graham was a man of many talents in fact so much so, that he was able to work on Wall Street write two books and also teach finance at Columbia. His love of knowledge and progress led him to form a partnership with a broker called Jerome Newman in 1926 and just two years later to start teaching his pioneered knowledge of value investing part-time at Columbia University. The concept of value investing would eventually be his main topic in a book he co-wrote with David Dodd called “Security Analysis” which was later published in 1934. The book entailed everything a young investor should know about investing in a responsible and just manner; some believed it to be an “Investment Bible.” Warren Buffet who is a multibillionaire was a student of Graham and followed his teachings and ideas in his books. Buffet later he declared that Grahams ideologies’ and theories’ were a blueprint for his success. After launching his first book, Graham also wrote “The Intelligent Investor” in 1949, which talks about value investing in terms of an investment approach. This book along with his teachings helped revolutionize the way the stock market is run and helped investors understand the difference between investments and speculations. Graham was a true visionary unlike...
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