Ben Carson Chapter's 7-9

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  • Published : September 9, 2012
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“Gifted Hands”
Chapter’s 7-9

There’s an old saying by Eleanor Roosevelt that states “You can never really live anyone else's life, not even your child's. The influence you exert is through your own life, and what you've become yourself.” I believe this statement is true. However, what Eleanor Roosevelt fails to mention was who, or what kind of people come into our lives and influence us to change for the better. Do these particular individuals shape our paths, or our futures? Or when these people come into our lives is it meant to happen for a reason? No one knows for sure, but when we meet someone who leaves such a profound effect on our hearts and minds, like foot prints in the sand we remember them forever. Ben Carson always mentions that his mother helped shaped his life, as well as his family, students, teachers, his strong belief in god, and his love for books helped shaped his future. Throughout middle school, high school and college these key influences would lead him to what he has become today. In chapter seven Ben Carson mentions during his second half of his sophomore year he joined ROTC mainly because of his brother Curtis. Ben Carson saw his brothers uniform, the badges, ribbons, but most importantly Curtis Carson was a person Ben Carson wanted to emulate and look up to. Shortly after joining Ben meets a student named Sharper which encouraged him to progress through the ranks of there ROTC program. Sharper was known for reaching the rank for a student known as full colonel, a feat that was hard to accomplish which fueled Ben’s desire to excel even further. His mother quickly realized more ways to encourage her son in subtle ways. Mrs. Miller [Ben’s ninth grade English teacher] as well as several other teachers gave him personal attention, encouragement, and new perspectives. Specifically Frank McCotter [Ben’s biology teacher] and Lemual Doakes. [Ben’s music teacher.] Mr. Doakes...
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