Ben Carson

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  • Published : February 21, 2011
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Sonia McWhorter
Ben Carson Gifted Hands

1. Dr. Ben Carson’s three major influences were God, ROTC, and his mom. His Mom was a big influence in his life because she practically raised him by herself when his father left them. God was a major influence on him because his mother had always taught him to pray. Whenever he had problems she told him that He would give the strength to him to keep going. ROTC was another influence on him because he really looked up to his brother and his brother was in ROTC so he decided he would be too. 2. Peer pressure almost got to Ben Carson because while he was in school the other school children told him that he had to wear in style clothes to fit in. They also said that he would have to be mean to the ones that didn’t wear the cool clothes. 3. As a Neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson was given to talents for his success. He was blessed with good eye coordination and a steady hand. As a Neurosurgeon it is very important to only tap or poke the areas in the skull you need. 4. The Foramen Ovale is almost the largest hole in the skull that transmits nerves throughout. It is important in Neurosurgery to find it so they can get to the exact location. Dr. Ben Carson discovered his own technique to save time and get the job done. He thought that if he could put two little metal rings on the front and back skull so that the Foramen Ovale fell in between. To be certain that the rings did line up he used an x-ray beam. 5. In the 1920’s the Hemispherectomy was tried by Dr. Walter Dandy, one of the first neurosurgeons at John Hopkins. This procedure failed and therefore the patient died. Later the Hemispherectomy was tried again about 1930 to 1940 and there was still a high mortality rate. The surgery quickly fell and then was reanalyzed as a possible solution for infantile hemiplegic which was associated with seizures. The surgeons thought that with the technology work of an EEG that they could read the brain activity. Over 300 surgeries were...
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