Ben Carson

Topics: Ben Carson, Yale University, Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story Pages: 4 (1402 words) Published: February 8, 2011
Ben Carson

By: Cory Kieta

Did you know that Dr. Ben Carson performs over five hundred operations per year? ( is more than three times the amount of an average neurosurgeon. Ben Carson has showed that any black doctor can become one of the greatest neurosurgeons of our time. All that you have to do is work hard and never give up on your dream. Ben Carson was at the bottom of his class in elementary school until he found a love for reading. ( He has received countless awards and medals throughout his career in medicine. Ben Carson has impacted the world with his charity work and his helpful advice.

Ben Carson was the bottom of his class in fifth grade. His fellow peers considered him the dumbest in their class. ( Carson’s mom did not stand for his and his brother’s performance in school. After she had had enough she decided to lay down the law on the two kids. She allowed the brothers to watch only 2 programs on television each week. ( was in an effort to make them study and do their homework. She also required the boys to read at least two books week. She then made them write book reports on the books. ( would put marks all over their papers and would grade each one. It was only later that Carson learned that his mother barely knew how to read for herself. ( just wanted her boys to have a better life then hers. Because of his mom Ben Carson developed a love for reading books and gaining knowledge. He would go to the library just to read extra books for fun. ( After one year of this process of reading and writing book reports Carson had become one of the smartest kids in his class and surprised all of his classmates. ( Carson had left his classmates in the dust with all of his new found knowledge that he had gained. All of this was because of his...
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