Ben Carson

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Book Review: Gifted Hands
The Ben Carson Story

It was a Monday Morning; my class went to the library for our English lesson on period1. There we all went to choose a book to read after several minutes of searching and searching suddenly “Eureka” I shouted. The book I finally found was “Gifted Hands” The Ben Carson Story, written by Ben Carson and Cecil Murphey, published by ZONDERVAN in 1990 and it is a biography book. Mr. Carson was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1951. When he was eight years old, his parents divorced, leaving his mother to care for Ben and his younger brother, Curtis, by herself. Their mother Sonya Carson had to work several jobs to make enough money to provide for her small family. Times were tough and the family had to move around several times in order for them to survive. This meant Ben and his brother had to change schools several times in their young lives. After a move to Boston, Ben and his brother went to a small, private school in Detroit, where they both did well and were ahead of most of their classmates. But, after the family moved back to Detroit, the boys discovered their previous education had been inadequate and they were behind most of the other students in their classes. This led to teasing and tormenting from them, and Ben was called the “class dummy.” He almost let that defeat him. But, he developed an interest in science, and was fascinated by rocks. He read everything he could get his hands on about the subject. . He used his love of reading, and his special talent for learning by reading, to eventually excel in his studies, not only in grade school and high school, but also in college, finally he became a Neurosurgeon. Dr. Carson has been married to Candy Carson for twenty-five years and has three sons. He also has a middle school named after him, Benjamin S. Carson Honors Preparatory Middle School. In January 1987 Mr. Carson made a medical history to separate Siamese Twins. They are twins that that...
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