Ben and Jerry's: Management Style

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  • Published : December 7, 2007
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The United States Department of Labor has singled out companies who demonstrate positive corporate citizenship for special recognition. With over 800 employees, Ben & Jerry's is one such company. One of the things that makes Ben & Jerry's so different from other companies is their management style. More and more corporations are realizing that if they're going to attract the best employees and motivate the ones they have, they need to start dealing with the issue of values and social concerns. Just as consumers are loyal to companies whose values they share, when employees feel that they are working for some higher purpose, as opposed to just trying to maximize the profits of the company they work for, they become more productive. Another part of the culture was that Ben & Jerry's is a company where you could be yourself. They embrace diverse lifestyles and people could dress they way they wanted. In order to keep employees happy, the Ben & Jerry's "Joy Gang" was started in 19! 87. The first Joy Gang activities included pizza and 15-minute massages for the manufacturing employees who were working 12-hour marathon shifts. Jerry suggested that Ben & Jerry's should try to make fun an official part of their company culture. The Joy C . . .

This typifies the Singapore management contexts as well as the highly organized and efficient Singaporean society. Intentions with respect to customers
• As part of our three-part mission statement, "To make, distribute, and sell the finest quality all natural ice cream and related products in a wide variety of innovative flavors made from Vermont dairy products. This is why we believe that Ben & Jerry's can be productive and effective in Singapore. Unlike conventional businesses that have a Casual Day once a year, Ben and Jerry's employees have to dress up in business suits on "Dress-Up Day. " Although this type of company culture works for the managers in the United States, it might not be the same with the managers of...
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