Below the Line Promotions

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Below the line promotional Activities
BTL sales promotion is an immediate or delayed incentive to purchase, expressed in cash or in kind, and having short duration. It is efficient and cost-effective for targeting a limited and specific group. It uses less conventional methods than the usual ATL channels of advertising, typically focusing on direct means of communication, most commonly direct mail and e-mail, often using highly targeted lists of names to maximize response rates. BTL services may include those for which a fee is agreed upon and charged up front. BTL is a common technique used for "touch and feel" products (consumer items where the customer will rely on immediate information rather than previously researched items). BTL techniques ensures recall of the brand while at the same time highlighting the features of the product. Another BTL technique involves sales personnel deployed at retail stores near targeted products. This technique may be used to generate trials of newly launched products. It helps marketers establish one-to-one relationship with consumers while mass promotions, by definition, make it difficult to gauge consumer-response, except at the time of sales. Examples include tele-marketing, road shows, promotions, in- shop and shop-front activities, display units. Features:

1. Reaching target customer base at various touch points with high visibility and low cost. 2. Efficient and cost effective way which gives more ROI on every rupee spent in recession time. WAYS OF BTL PROMOTIONS:

1. Direct mail letters
2. Exhibitions
3. Demonstrations
4. Competitions
5. Sports Promotion
6. Air banner
7. Hot air balloons
1. To build product awareness
2. To create interest
3. To provide information
4. To stimulate demands
1. UTI Mutual funds have taken help of DABBAWALA’s in Mumbai. 2. Career Launcher, Time, PT Educations conducts free competitive tests for students. 3. Hindustan Times hold events on weekly basis for giving opportunity to companies for promoting their brands. 4. Pepsi and other brands sponsored IPL matches.


History of Asian Paints Advertising :
Asian Paints is the market leader in the highly fragmented and highly competitive Rs 7750 crore ($1.73 bn) Indian paint Industry. The organised sector constitutes around Rs 5400crore ( $1.2 Bn). Asian Paints started its journey in 1942 with four young men in a garage in Bombay. The name Asian Paints was picked randomly from the telephone directory. The brand has travelled from that garage to become a Rs 1000 crore brand.From 1968 ,this brand occupies a premium position in the Indian Paint industry.

The story of the evolution of Asian Paints as a brand is interesting. The brand now has an iconic status in the industry thanks to some blockbuster big ideas from agency O&M (Ogilvy & Mather is an international advertising, marketing and public relations agency based in Manhattan) . The brand once positioned as a mass market brand has evolved itself to a higher plane.

Indian paint industry can be broadly divided into two segments a.Decorative segment which constitutes the wall paints : exterior and interior, wood paints etc b.Industrial segment which consists of automotive paints, and paints for industrial sector. Decorative segment constitutes around 75 % of the total paint industry and Asian Paints is the market leader with around 44% share. In the Industrial segment, Nerolac is the market leader.

In the decorative segment, it is interesting to see how Asian Paints have changed the buying process of the product like paints.Paints are usually considered to be a low involvement product. In earlier times, the decision of the brand was taken by the builder/contractor and the home owners does not involve much in the process may be the...
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