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Topics: Law, Immigration to the United States, Immigration law Pages: 4 (1627 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Arizona Immigration Law
One of the biggest and most controversial immigration laws that has been passed ever is the brand new Arizona Immigration Law SB1070. It is the new law makes it “a state crime — a misdemeanor — to not carry immigration papers” (NYTimes). It also makes it legal for police to ask citizens for their papers if they reasonably suspect that they may be illegal immigrants. If the person does not have any paperwork and is illegal they will get deported but if they are legal then they just get fined and for their crime. This is one of the most controversial immigration laws that have been passed in decades and it seems as if America is split down the middle with this new law.

One of the pro’s that I have thought of would be that this is going to be one of the first main laws that will really start to crack down on illegal immigration. I think that illegal immigration has gotten out of hand over the past couple of years with all of the precautions and walls that they have built. I think that illegal immigrants may help out our country a little bit but I think that in the end they are just too much of a liability for us to allow them to live here. We help to pay for their education, and also we have to pay to keep them in control if they get rowdy with our police. I am all for people immigrating into the United States as long as they do it the right way by filling out all the paper work and becoming legal citizens.

One of the main pro’s of this new law is the fact that it should help out the economy of Arizona a lot. A lot of these immigrants that aren’t legal are not only taking away jobs from the legal citizens but they are also causing major costs to Arizona. According to Google “they make up 59 percent of the workforce in farming; 27 percent in construction; 51 percent in landscaping; 26 percent in hotel work; 23 percent in restaurants; 33 percent in private homes; and 46 percent in textile manufacturing.” With the situation that America is...
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