Beloved: Slavery and Novel

Topics: Slavery, Feminism, Toni Morrison Pages: 4 (1221 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Feminist Criticism:

* Morrison portrays an important part of Feminist criticism called patriarchy when Sethe takes a stand against the white men. "Patriarchyis the systematic social, political, cultural and economic domination of women by men" (Oppermann).  * Sethe choices as a women character show that men cannot rule the lives of women or their children. 

* Beloved by Toni Morrison is a novel that contains many strongly depicted female characters and where their lives have taken them. * The characters of Sethe, Denver, and Beloved are the most significant women throughout the story as the reader continually learns more about their lives. * All three of them have been through traumatic experiences throughout their lives such as beatings, rapes, abuse, even death. * The difficult lives that the women have lead make them the strongest influences on the outcome of the novel.  The strong role that the women characters have on the novel Beloved makes it strongly subjected to feminist literary criticism.

* Beloved tells us about whippings, rape, hard work, and escape. But, while portraying this historical story of enslavement and black culture, Morrison also tells the personal tales of a few very strong females’ slaves. * Morrison's novel focuses mainly on the female characters, Sethe, Baby Suggs, Beloved, and their relationships. If one defines feminism, as "a major movement in western thinking since the 1960s, which puts particular emphasis upon the importance of women's experiences", Beloved can be seen as a feminist novel. * Even though Beloved tells the story of many slaves, because of its focus on the proactive and independent women in the novel, it also makes a feminist statement.

* Morrison portrayed Denver in a powerful way.  She showed that a young, black woman could obtain a job and provide for a family, something that a male character usually does. Denver even became a stronger person than the only...
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